Premium Suppliers Chinese Lucky CatPremium Suppliers want to bring the world’s largest online shopping platforms from China to the rest of the world. With our services you can shop at the most popular Chinese websites like Taobao, TMall, 1688, PaiPai, DangDang and more. You find the perfect product and the best price and we will help you get it. Premium Suppliers now gives you access to direct shopping in China. Read more to find out how our process works and how we can help you can shop online in China today!

Are you looking for an alternative to the main online shopping giants like Amazon or Ebay? Do you want to find something unique or just find something at a better price? Have you considered shopping online at a Chinese website? Most people have not even considered it, but we are going to tell you why you should consider it and how you can start your online shopping in China right away.

Premium Suppliers – Your Online Agent in China

How Can Premium Suppliers Help You Today?

1 – We are a local Chinese company, run by foreigners, offering an online shopping service in China. We are your best choice as a Taobao agent to facilitate your online shopping experience.

2 – We can help you to purchase any products in China on any Chinese shopping websites. We can than help you to collect your purchases and ship them to you anywhere in the world.

3 – We offer very reasonable rates starting at only 10% of your total purchase (including domestic freight).

4 – We can offer you significant discounts on all international freight rates (up to 40% off).

5 – We are fluent in English and Chinese so nothing will get lost in translation.

Contact us today and see how we can help you buy direct from China.

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