About Premium Suppliers

PremiumSuppliers - Buy Direct from ChinaPremium Suppliers is your first choice for purchasing products online from the world’s largest online marketplace, Taobao.com. We are a professional agent for taobao and all other major online shopping portals in China. As a Taobao agent we will make sure that your purchases are made in an accurate and secure manner ensuring your goods arrive at the fastest possible time and at the most economical price. We have over 20 years experience in China and we love online shopping. Choose Premium Suppliers to get the best service for buying and shipping your purchases world wide.

Whether you are a newbie to online shopping in China or have years of experience, we can help you. For an overview of how this whole process works please check out our ‘How to Buy Anything from China‘ guide. You can save a lot of money buying direct from China and we want to help you save. We can offer very competitive freight rates with fast delivery. Choose from many options like; EMS, China Post, DHL and more. We also try to make your payment as easy and convenient as possible while ensuring your security. Choose from multiple payment options like; Moneygram, WesternUnion, Paypal and more.

About Premium Suppliers Customer Service

We offer top notch, western style customer service. We are always online and we speak English. Contact us anytime and we will get back to you right away. We are committed to making your online shopping experience better than you expect. Work with Premium Suppliers and find out what great customer service is all about. Once you try our service you will be a customer for life.

Premium Suppliers wants to be your partner in China. Now that you know more about us, when you are ready to start your online shopping experience in China think about Premium Suppliers and Buy Direct from China.