How to Buy Anything from China

How to Buy Anything from ChinaThis guide will show you how to buy anything from China. Whether it is something that you need or just something you want you can find it shopping online with a little help from Premium Suppliers. This is a fairly simple process once you are familiar with it. Assuming that you have never purchased anything online from China we will take you through all the steps one by one in a detailed fashion. If you have made a purchase online from China in the past than you can just jump to the section that interests you by clicking on the links below.

We will walk you through this process using as our example online shopping site. You can learn more in our Taobao Beginners Guide.

How to Guide on Buying from China

1. How to Search for Products on Taobao – This may not be a simple as you think. Aside from the fact that the website is in Chinese, there are other differences that you need to know to save your time and find the products that you want.

2. How to Order Products from Taobao – This page will tell you how to contact us, what information you need to give us, how to find out the freight costs and what goods you cannot buy from China.

3. What Does it Cost to Buy from China – We will explain the costs involved with purchasing from China. We don’t want there to be any surprises and we know you don’t either.

4. How to Pay for Your Purchase Invoice – Now that you have chosen the products that you want to buy and you have received our invoice, you have several options available for payment.

5. How to Confirm Your Purchase – These are the steps that we will go through to make sure that you get exactly what you ordered in the shortest time possible. Learn about Premium Suppliers Triple Check.

6. How to Pay for Your Freight Invoice – Your products have been confirmed and we are ready to ship. You need to decide on the shipment method and pre-pay the shipping charge.

7. How to Track Your Shipment – Once your goods are dispatched we will send you a tracking number so that you will know exactly when your purchase will arrive.

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Once you have read through all of the information in this guide on how to buy anything from China you will be ready to buy from Premium Suppliers. If you have other requirements such as bulk purchasing or personal shopping service please feel free to contact us.