How to Confirm Your Purchase

How to Confirm Your OrderIt is important to know how to confirm your purchase to make sure that you will receive exactly what you have ordered. Premium Suppliers will use the exact details that you have provided on your purchase order to order the goods from the online vendor. If there are any pertinent details that have been missed than we will contact you in advance to confirm you purchase.

Vendor Confirmation

When we order your goods we will double check with the vendor to make sure they have the exact specifications (like size, color etc.) before we order. Once we have confirmed that your products are in stock and are available we will order them for you.

Physical Purchase Confirmation

Once your order arrives at our China warehouse we will unpack it and physically check all of your order details to make sure they match with your request and with the specifications on the Taobao website. At this time we will also photograph all important information so that we have a record of how the goods arrived and we will also make notes of any discrepancies that we find. We will send your product photographs details to all of our customers so that they can visually approve all orders. This is a very important step so that everyone knows exactly what they will be receiving before the products are shipped overseas.

Customer Confirmation

After we send you our detailed information we will wait for your feedback before moving forward. You can either confirm the information that we send, ask for more information or reject the products. If you have chosen a reputable shop or vendor than in most cases there will not be any issues. Once we do receive our customer confirmation than we will calculate the total weight and volume of the package(s) and send you your freight invoice based on the shipping method of your choice.

Premium Suppliers Triple Check

As you can see from this information on how to confirm your purchase, Premium Suppliers will do a triple check before we send out your products overseas.

1. Check details before ordering

2. Physically check the products upon receipt

3. Send photos for customer confirmation

This may seem overly cautious, but we just want to offer the best customer service and make sure that all of our customers are receiving the best products possible when they buy direct from China.