What Does it Cost to Buy from China

What does it Cost to Buy from ChinaAs you are thinking of buying from China you are going to want to know what does it cost to buy from China. There are lots of great deals available on Taobao and other sites, but no one likes a surprise, so in this section we will outline all of the costs that you can expect when you make a purchase at Premium Suppliers.

First Invoice Cost

With our Classic Shopping Service there will be two separate invoices. The first invoice will include the following items:

1. Product Price – this is the price that you see on the Taobao product page. The price will be converted into US Dollars at the latest exchange rate.

2. Domestic Shipping Fee – this is the cost to send your goods from the Taobao seller to our China office. Most domestic courier companies will charge between 10 to 30 RMB per kilogram. The fee varies according to the express company, the package weight, and distance from the seller’s location. If you purchase multiple products from the same seller will reduce your domestic shipping fees.

3. Premium Suppliers Service Charge – this is the fee that we charge for purchasing your products, checking them and re-shipping them overseas. Our standard fee is 10% of the product price + domestic shipping price. You can easily calculate this fee as follows:

Service Charge Calculation (example)
Your Product(s) = 250RMB / 6.1 exchange rate = US$40.98
Domestic Shipping = 25RMB / 6.1 exchange rate = US$4.01
US$40.98 + US$4.01 = US$44.99 x 10% = US$4.50 Service Charge

So in summary, the first invoice cost will be the product price + domestic shipping fee + Premium Suppliers service charge.

Second Invoice Cost

With our Classic Shopping Service there will be a second invoice for the international shipping fee. If you are using our Express shopping Service this will be included on the first invoice, so you will only need to make one payment. Learn More About International Shipping Fees.

Save Money, Get Your Products Sooner with Express Shopping

You also have the option to purchase insurance for your international shipment. The actual insurance fees will vary on a case by case basis, so please contact us in advance and we will provide you with an insurance quotation for your specific order.

As you can see, this is a very simple and straight forward China shopping service. Now that you know what does it cost to buy from China you can learn about how to pay for your purchase invoice.