Forbidden Products

Forbidden Products

forbidden productsHere is a list forbidden products that cannot be shipped overseas from China. You need to check this list before searching for products or purchasing products from China as we will not be able to ship them to you. These items are either forbidden by international countries to import or they are forbidden by courier companies to transport.

Forbidden Products List

1. Candles, needles, knives, scissors, forks, pens, seeds and fishing nets

2. Solar panels and related solar products

3. Discs, memory cards, hard drives, mobile power and batteries

4. Most cosmetic products

5. Ink cartridges, toner cartridges, toner and related products

6. Food and beverages, including coffee and pet food

7. All types of weapons, real or fake, like guns and knives, including props and toys

8. Animal fur products or products made from animal bones like ivory

9. Counterfeits items, all brand name logo trademarks, drawings, prints, etc.

10. Plant and animal specimens including seeds

11. Cultural heritage crafts and products

12. Most Magnets

13. Drugs and most types of medicine (including prescription drugs)

14 . Alcohol and Tobacco

15. Pirated software, DVDs etc.

This list of forbidden products is not complete and rules and regulations are constantly changing and evolving. We will be updating this list as we find new products that cannot be shipped overseas. We hope this will help you in your product selection and remember Premium Suppliers is here to help you buy direct from China.