Mustache Bandages – Taobao Product of the Week

Mustache Bandages – Taobao Product of the Week

Mustache BandagesThis is our first post in our new Taobao product of the week section. Who doesn’t love fun bandages? These mustache bandages are great to cover up your cuts nicks and scrapes or just to make someone laugh by applying right under your nose. These adhesive bandages are great for kids of all ages.

These bandages are made with natural latex (which may be caused by an allergic reaction). Each package contains 15 pieces and the band-aid size is: 2.5 cm x 7.5 cm. All containers also include a free mini toy. Get some awesome mustache bandages and put a smile on someones face!

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If you are looking for something different or maybe a fun gift item, than these inexpensive bandages might be perfect for you. You can check out these mustache bandages by clicking here and visiting Taobao today.