How to Pay Your Freight Invoice

How to Pay Your Freight InvoiceOnce you have confirmed the products on your purchase order you will need to know how to pay your freight invoice. We will prepare this invoice for you with the shipping method of your choice. For more information on our very competitive freight rates please check out our section on International Freight Rates. At this time we can confirm the final weight and volume and therefore we can provide you with the exact cost for shipping your goods directly to your front door.

Our freight invoice is very straightforward. It will list your products, the package weight and package size as well as the unit cost and the total cost. Our Premium Suppliers Freight Invoice will also show the Ship From address (which is our address in China) and the Ship To address (which is your address). It is a good idea to double check your address to make sure that it is correct.

Options to Pay Your Freight Invoice

Your freight invoice can be paid in exactly the same way as your purchase order was paid. You can choose from MoneyGram, Western Union, Wire Transfer or Paypal. If you want to read more about our payment options please refer to our section on how to pay for your purchase order.

It is beneficial for everyone if you can pay your freight invoice as soon as is convenient for you. We are sure that you want to receive your goods and soon as possible and we want to ship them to you as soon as possible. So please try to minimize delay on paying this invoice. As soon as we receive your payment confirmation your order will dispatched on the same day. If you have any special shipping instructions that you need us to follow please be sure to inform us before we ship out your goods.

Now that you know how to pay your freight invoice the next step is to learn how to track your shipment.