Portable Laundry Bag – Taobao Product of the Week

Portable Laundry Bag – Taobao Product of the Week

Portable Laundry Bag

Our Taobao product of the week is a portable laundry bag. This bag is great for the outdoor activities like camping or for when you travel. It has been called the world’s smallest washing machine and you can wash your clothes anywhere or anytime.

This looks like an ordinary bag, but has many thick inner wall. You only need to put your laundry inside, add about two litres of water, a little laundry detergent, close the portable laundry bag and empty the air and rub across the bag for 20 to 40 seconds to clean your clothes! Than take your clothes out and hang to dry.

Product data:

Brand: Scrubba (Australia)
Origin: China
Dimensions: (54 cm x32 cm)
Package size: 26 cm X11 cm
Weight: 160 g

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