Taobao Categories

Taobao CategoriesHere is a list of links to the main Taobao categories in English. These are the most popular main categories. They are also broken down into sub-categories and sub-sub-categories. So instead of listing hundreds of different categories here where it will be difficult for you to sort through them, these are the main categories that you will need to start your shopping experience on


+ Women’s Apparel
+ Men’s Apparel

Shoes and Bags

+ Women’s Shoes
+ Men’s Shoes
+ Women’s Bags
+ Men’s Shoes
+ Luggage

Underwear and Accessories

+ Underwear
+ Accessories

Sporting Goods

+ Sports Shoes
+ Sports Apparel
+ Sports Bags
+ Sports Supplies
+ Sports Equipment

Jewelry and Watches

+ Jewelry
+ Watches

Electronic Products

+ Cell Phones
+ Cameras and Video Recorders
+ Notebook Computers
+ Tablet Computers
+ Computer Accessories
+ Storage and Devices
+ Electronic Accessories

Home and Office Appliances

+ Large Appliances
+ Kitchen Appliances
+ Small Home Appliances
+ Office Equipment
+ Audio Equipment
+ Health Care Equipment
+ Spare Parts and Accessoires

Health and Beauty

+ Beauty Products

Children, Baby and Pregnancy

+ Children’s Apparel
+ Baby Products
+ Baby Food
+ Toys

Building Materials and Home Decoration

+ Building Materials
+ Furniture
+ Home Decoration
+ Home Textiles
+ Hardware and Electric Tools

Food and Drinks

+ Food Market

General Merchandise

+ Merchandise Market

Automobile and Motorcycle

+ Automobile Accessories
+ Motorcycles and Accessories

Entertainment and Culture

+ Books and Magazines
+ Audio and Video Products
+ Musical Instruments
+ Miscellaneous Products
+ Pet Market

Main Taobao Categories in English

Just like any major online shopping site, Taobao has hundreds of different categories. This is supposed to make it easier to find what you are looking for, but sometimes it makes it more difficult. If you want to browse around the main Taobao categories in English than just click on the link above for the category of your choice. If you are looking for something specific or something that is not on the list above than it would be best if you learn how to search for products on Taobao to find exactly what you want.

If you need any assistance with shopping online in China please feel free to contact Premium Suppliers and buy direct from China.