Target Alarm Clock – Taobao Product of the Week

Target Alarm Clock – Taobao Product of the Week

Target Alarm Clock

Our Taobao product of the week is a target alarm clock. Whether you have always wanted to shoot your alarm clock or you just like to shoot guns this alarm clock gives you the chance to get back at that wake up alarm. This can be for kids or adults alike or an awesome gift for that gunslinger in your family.

If you are one of those people who have a difficult time getting out of bed in the morning and your alarm just keeps ringing and ringing, you can now shoot it to turn it off. With this target alarm clock, if the alarm sounds for 3 minutes the target will pop up, with flashing lights. If you shoot the target it will stop the alarm.

You have the option to record your own alarm sound if you want to make something really cool. You can also set it on beginner where you just need to fire one shot to shut it down. Or you can set it to difficult mode where you need to hit the target 5 times to shut it down. If you don’t make your quota it will be like hitting the snooze button and the target will pop up again after five minutes.

This target alarm clock weighs 600 grams, is made of ABS plastic and requires #5 batteries to operate. This may otherwise be know as a gun alarm clock or shooting alarm clock.

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