How to Track Your Shipment

How to Track Your ShipmentThe final step in our Premium Suppliers how to guide is; how to track your shipment. Once you have paid your freight invoice and we have sent out your shipment than you are going to want to know when your purchase is going to arrive.

For all of our various international shipping options, when the goods are picked up at our China office, we will receive a shipment tracking number or an airway bill number. This number can be used on the internet to check the status of your shipment. As soon as we get the tracking number we will email it to you along with the website address of where can follow the progress of your shipment from our office to your front door.

Track Your Shipment Help

Most of the time there are no issues with any of our shipments. If you are in a hurry to receive your goods than you should choose a faster shipping option. Occasionally there may be a delay at customs. This just means that customs is examining your goods and verifying the customs duty that you should pay. Unless it is a very large or very expensive shipment there should be no issues with customs.

Another possible delay may be caused by holidays. In China there are a few major holidays like Chinese New Year where there are literally millions of shipments going out at the same time. If this is the case than it is likely that you may need to wait with everyone else. This cannot be avoided, but we will let you know when you order, if you are close to a major Chinese or international holiday. This will mean a couple of extra days added to the transit time.

If you are having any issues and are not able to find enough information online than you can always call the courier company directly and give them your tracking number. With this number they should be able to assist you and can provide you with more details on your shipment.

Now that you know how to track your shipment the next step is to start online shopping in China with your China agent Premium Suppliers.