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Premium SuppliersPremium Suppliers is your first choice for Canadians seeking personal finance information. One of the most important tools to help you keep your finances in order are credit cards. We are continuously researching and reviewing all of the top credit cards in Canada to bring you the most up to date information and the best offers, all in one place. Choose Premium Suppliers for the best financial product reviews to help you on your journey to financial independence.

Premium Suppliers Credit Card Reviews

It doesn’t matter what kind of credit card you are interested in, you will find all of the information you to need to make the best decision when you select your next card. The best place to begin is our main Canadian Credit Card page. From there you will find links to all of information and review pages.

This is our full time job to provide the best resource for financial information and credit cards for Canadians. That means that you can expect this site to be updated very frequently. If there are any cards or other financial products that we are missing then feel free to contact us and we will start researching right away.

Let’s all save some money together along our journey to financial independence.